One thought on “Airborne Selfie”

  1. Hi Guys,
    Sue and Dave here in NZ. So where are you two in the world now? Hope you’re not in Blighty but you may have had to go there to see family perhaps? Anyway we really hope you are both OK. Things here in NZ are good, no Covid really and very quiet as the borders are closed. Bit of a flare up the other day in Auckland so there are some restrictions there for a few days. So very lucky to be here, we thank our good fortune every day. Farm is doing well and we have our own sheep and cattle now which (brace yourselves) are going in the freezer. ‘Roast, Beef and Gravy’ (three cattle) arrived the other day and we have 20 sheep of our own and a chap who sort of does the really grotty jobs although we do plenty of those too. Also making furniture and selling firewood…..never thought we’d be in the furniture making biz….go to Trademe and put ‘Macrocarpa Bench’ in the search bit, our listings will come up. Love living here, best thing we ever did. Keep in touch always lovely to hear from you, Love Sue and Dave xxxx. PS. karen what have you done to your nose on some of the phots on the boat….looks sore!

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